Six weeks off!

Almost forgetting I have a two year old who is allergic to sleep, I have gleefully switched off my alarm. I have taught my last lessons of the school year and hopped and skipped out of the gates. I love my job. I love that every day is different, I love the people and especially... Continue Reading →

Mummy’s Night Out 

This week I've been having a reminisce, back to being eighteen when I would be out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday if I could, with only a short nap and possibly some greasy food in between to keep me alive. I drank huge, sugary drinks with tiny amounts of questionable alcohol in them and I... Continue Reading →

No More Miss Part Time

Today I worked the first Friday I've worked in over two years. For the last few weeks Liv has been spending two mornings a week at nursery and she loves it. She skips off for her second breakfast as soon as she arrives (I swear she's a hobbit) and barely looks back. This morning was... Continue Reading →

The Terrible Twonager.

So it turns out, the terrible twos are a real thing. Today I have had to abandon the supermarket leaving Joe shopping (which is never a sensible idea) and frog march a screaming, red faced toddler straight out of the automatic doors as she screamed, attempted to climb out of the trolley and broke open... Continue Reading →

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