A first post: Looking back

cropped-img_9283.jpgTomorrow marks the start of my last week of part time working. I’d be lying if I said the last two years have been blissful, but sat here on the penultimate Sunday I can’t help but sit and reminisce.

I took ten weeks maternity off when I first had Liv in April 2015. As an unexpectedly pregnant NQT in a brand new job I was entitled to next to nothing as maternity pay and I knew I couldn’t be out of my brand new job for long. In a way, going back in July was welcome, I had struggled to adjust to life as a new mum and I knew that by being part time I would still be spending the majority of my week with my baby.

The last two years have passed in a blur of nappies and dummies and bittersweet milestones. I have a two year old that still doesn’t sleep through and a stressful job as a secondary school English teacher.

Luckily, thanks to amazing parents we have had to spend nothing on childcare until this term. She spends Mondays and Thursdays with my dad and Tuesdays with my mum, and this term started at nursery, which she loves.

I am under no illusion that reverting back to full time will be easy but we need the money. We have a half finished house and I have a baby that is starting to ask for a brother (so she can be like Peppa and George) or sister.

Here is to the start of a new chapter, and here is to me capturing it in words and pictures and memories so that when I sit back in years to come and hopefully laugh and say that all in all, I did the right thing.

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    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind. Absolutely no idea what I am doing but I need somewhere to record it all, the highs and the lows and everything in between!


      1. I’ve been at it nearly a year and I’m still learning! Everyone has to start somewhere though. I’m clearly not expert but if you ever need any help feel free to ask, I’ll try my best to help. You’ll probably be able to return the favour by pointing out my horrendous grammatical errors! 😂


      2. 😘 so kind thank you, I will definitely be taking you up on that! I need pointing in the direction of good things to read to make me feel I’m not alone in this! 😂


  1. That’s a lovely day just post! Started my blog last summer for the same reasons! Wanted somewhere to keep a diary of this crazy new life! Looking forward to hearing all about yours. I still don’t have much of a clue what I’m doing but it’s a great community and the support from other bloggers is amazing!! Xx

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    1. Thank you! In the blur of parenting I want to make sure that some memories are concrete, whether they seem mundane now I’m sure in years to come they will mean everything! Looking forward to reading your blog!


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