Bedtime: send help.

 She doesn’t sleep. I have a two year old that doesn’t sleep. I am exhausted. Broken. And I go back to teaching full time after half term.

I am currently laid on my bed, listening to her shout me from her bedroom as she “tries” to sleep. My body aches for rest and she is fighting relentlessly to avoid it.

Eventually she will fall asleep, but not before driving me around the bend with her one sided conversations. Here is a transcript of what I have heard so far:

Mummy I want to go in the car. I’m ready. I want to get dressed. Mummy I need some dinner. I want to go in the car tomorrow. It hurts. My foot hurts. Mummy, my foot hurts. Ow. My hurt is hurting. (🙄) Come and see. Come and see. Sorry mummy. Only kidding! I always kidding. I always kidding. I always kidding. I need a lollipop. I want to have Moana. What’s that mummy? Is it just a sausage? Do you want some dinner? I’m Doctor Livvy, I’m Doctor Livvy. Is the sausage downstairs? Is it in the car? Is it on the aeroplane? I see mama tomorrow, is she gone work? I need suncream on! Mummy! Suncream!

I wouldn’t mind but when she eventually goes she sleeps like a three week old and we will undoubtedly see her at 1am, 3am and 5am (if it’s a good night).

Give me strength. And ice cream. And sleep.

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