Weeing in Wellies: Otherwise known as potty training 

So we’ve officially started potty training, thankfully led by Miss Liv herself. Since she turned one I kept a potty around the house but she has never seemed particularly interested in it other than as somewhere to put her toys, or to stand on to boost her to get something she shouldn’t. At one point I’ll admit I did sit her on it and her petrified screams made me begin to wonder if she would be in nappies for the rest of her life. (In a way I can sort of understand the convenience, but it’s far from ideal.) So in the end we’ve let her do her own thing, figuring that when she was ready she would let us know.

It seems being ready came with the purchase of a toilet seat and step. Her positivity towards this new toy was infectious and we all became quite tragically excited for potty training. Admittedly, she’s been rather brilliant. I think because she was ready she seems to have taken to it herself with very little pushing. Now I don’t expect we’ll have no accidents at all but (touch wood) so far so good (I mean hasn’t everyone weed in their wellies in the garden? No? Oh). We have two dry nights the past two nights and I couldn’t be prouder. More than anything I’m glad she loves it, I just didn’t realise quite how much she was going to love it.

You see the last few days have found me discovering dry, discarded nappies around the house and a small, bare bottomed child desperately trying to scramble up to the toilet seat. She is so desperate to do a wee she will happily sit on the toilet, chatting away for fifteen minutes at a time, doing nothing.

Now of course the problem isn’t the fact that she loves using the toilet, the problem has now become that she needs to tell everyone that she’s used it. You see the first time she used the toilet she was at my mum’s, and she video called me excitedly to tell me this life altering news. So now, she thinks that this is what you do. The second that the toilet has been flushed she is presenting me with a beaming smile and a long list of people that she would like to FaceTime and inform.

Friends and family are answering video calls to see a beaming child staring back at them announcing “A did a wee! On the toilet!” Followed by the never-not-funny “I’m very proud! I’ll have a treat!”  This has happened every. single. time that she has weed in the last few days, and she has video called everyone she can think to ask immediately afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled that she has taken to this so quickly and with such enthusiasm, but there’s only so many wees you can clap for, only so many friends and family who can continue to muster up a well done, and only so many treats I have in my cupboard for a child who has suddenly started to drink like a fish.

So I suppose this is a shout out to all of those who are lovely enough to act genuinely surprised and overly ecstatic when my child calls you after every wee. I promise it is working, so please stick with it, hopefully by the time she’s a teenager the novelty will have worn off!

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