Yorkshire Three Peaks- Fundraising 

At the end of last year Liv was really poorly, and after a few evenings sitting in stifling A+E departments watching her get worse and worse, we ended up taking her to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We didn’t realise quite how poorly she was and we ended up staying there for a week as the doctors, nurses and support workers worked tirelessly to make her better. Nothing was too much to ask any member of staff there, and we honestly cannot praise or thank them enough for everything they did and the aftercare that Liv has received.

The week we spent in there felt like the longest week of our lives, but we were the lucky ones. Liv was getting better and the only lasting damage is some scarring on both her kidneys that, if we keep an eye on her, shouldn’t cause any major problems long term. Some, however, aren’t so lucky. We were desperate to leave, aching for our own beds and our own space, but for some people SCH becomes their home.

During our week on the ward we met some amazing families who fawned over Liv despite the fact that their children were in there long term. She was entertained, knitted pom poms and bought an advent calendar by the families on our bay. Despite being three teenage girls they could not have been kinder, and when Liv eventually began to sleep less they also put up with hours on end of Barney and Ben and Holly on the only television that worked. We were intruders in the space they were accustomed to but they welcomed us with open arms.

I can’t for a second imagine what it is like to be a parent of a child who is so ill that they can’t leave the hospital, and as we watched Liv get better day by day we also saw babies, children and teenagers living their every day lives on the ward, some still dangerously ill and unable to leave.

Yesterday Joe completed the Yorkshire three peaks challenge (and don’t I just know about it today!) where he walked around 24.5 miles with his colleagues to raise money to split between research into Reverse Rett syndrome and also Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

If you have any money spare at all that you would care to donate to what is a very, very worthy cause then please do, we have seen first hand that there are children and families who will benefit enormously from anything that is raised.

(I feel any money donated would also make it worth the sheer amount of whinging I am being subjected to today… blisters, sunburn, aches, the list goes on!)
Just Giving link 
(The top option is for donation to Reverse Rett, the bottom for SCH- Thank you)

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