Happy Father’s Day to the Best

I love Father’s Day. I’ll admit it, I really am a sucker for the “Hallmark holidays” like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

I think if nothing else days like today force people to stop, just for a second, and appreciate what they have or had, and I never want to take anything for granted. I think saying thank you is huge, and I have so much to be thankful for.

Joe is an amazing dad. He was head over heels from the very second he saw her. Completely and utterly besotted. The love that he has for Liv is indescribable and he is so proud of her that it radiates from him.

He is constantly finding new and ridiculous ways to keep an incredibly demanding two year old entertained. They adventure through the woods, finding monsters, carrying walking sticks and inventing stories. They move all my furniture and create tunnels and burrows through the living room, eating sandwiches under the dining table rather then sat at it. They paint masterpieces on the garden and plaster them all over the fridge, they go swimming and exploring and spend hours on the beach splashing and paddling together. Although he works full time and he comes home to start work all over again, he makes sure that the time he spends with her is such quality. Nobody makes her laugh like Joe can and it is an absolute joy to watch them grow even closer every single day. They are best, best friends. I hope one day Liv realises just how lucky she is to have a daddy that loves her this much.

My dad is my hero, and never more so than since Liv came along. He has massively stepped up, and I don’t even have the words for how grateful I am. Having a baby from seven am to three or four pm is in no way easy and my dad has been doing just that, twice a week since Liv was ten weeks old. He never, ever complains, even when I know that she has been a nightmare for hours on end he never lets on.

I come home from work on Mondays and Thursdays and never know where I might find them, adventuring on the garden, building dens inside or out or pretending to be pirates and walking the plank across the vegetable plot. My parents have spent the last few weeks transforming their garden into a playground for her, a raised playhouse, climbing frame, paddling pool and trampoline. Their house is filled with toys and they have a toddler’s bedroom in their house despite the fact that their children are 26 and 24 years old. My dad never stops when he’s with her and she absolutely adores him.

Nothing is too much to ask of my dad and to this day I firmly believe there is nothing he can’t fix. If something has broken even Liv will immediately say “Grandad will fix it!” It seems she’s clicked on fast. My childhood memories are filled with flying kites at the seaside and picnics in the living room (which I since learned is because that’s a great excuse to give a child crisps for dinner and have nothing to wash up but nevertheless, as a child, amazing). My dad is funny, kind and generous and the one of the most considerate people I’ve ever met. I am so privileged that he is mine.

So happy Father’s Day to the best. We love you both and we are so, so lucky.

And to you beautiful people who bother to take the time and read my ramblings, I hope whoever you are with or remembering, and whatever you are doing on this beautiful sunny Sunday that you have a truly lovely, love filled day.

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